VPN Performance and Scalability – Support your WFH Network

Organizations that can facilitate a work from home environment for their employees are facing new challenges as the reliance on their IT infrastructure increases.  Most remote access services such as VPN’s and Remote Desktops are designed to support 10-20% of an organization’s user base.  Now with so many employees working from home, some organizations are unable to cope with the load on their network at peak times. How can your organization address these challenges?


Increase scalability and performance

Increase the capacity and performance of your current infrastructure by adding licenses and server capacity on-premise or in a data center and by implementing the appropriate scaling, load balancing and fail-over mechanisms.
Avaleris Pro Tip: Try turning off your streaming services while working for best results

Consider Split-Tunneling

A VPN creates a tunnel that connects a remote device to the network and allows data to move in a secure manner through encryption. One way to reduce the load on the corporate network is to use a method known as ‘split-tunneling’ which can re-direct non-sensitive traffic directly to the internet. VPN solutions allow specified traffic to be re-directed to the internet using the remote workers internet connection.
Avaleris Pro Tip: You can also re-route Office 365 traffic directly to the internet as Microsoft suggested here.

Use the cloud

Move workloads to the cloud to reduce your organizations overall dependence on your current network infrastructure and ensure it is more available for essential purposes.
Avaleris Pro Tip: Upload your documents to OneDrive for Business will lighten the load on the network and facilitate real time collaboration for your team!

Double Check your Security

Review your network configurations, access control lists and firewall rules to ensure that your organization is protected.
Avaleris Pro Tip: Secure access via multi-factor authentication as well as securing devices that have access to the corporate network is a great place to start.


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