Supporting remote work to combat COVID-19 disruption on your organization

Allowing work from home is a key strategy for organizations to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the health of their employees. Organizations must respond quickly to support the increased reliance on remote work and enable their employees to continue to be productive during this crisis.  This increase in the volume of remote work will put new stresses on your IT infrastructure, impact employee productivity and, most importantly, introduce additional cybersecurity risk. Outlined below are some of the top challenges organizations face while enabling employees to work remotely.

Top Challenges Organizations are Facing Today

Performance and Scalability

An increase in the number of users working remotely can significantly stress the capability of your existing remote access solution. Whether this is a realization that there are security concerns, too much stress on servers at peak times, or any number of unforeseen roadblocks hindering productivity, IT teams can begin to optimize their corporate network performance and reduce the load on their infrastructure by re-routing traffic from Office 365 directly to the internet to free up bandwidth.

Access Control

While enabling remote access it is important that users are given access to what they need. There are many methods of achieving this using VPN technology, conditional access technologies, or different information protection alternatives. A balanced approach by your IT Administrators will alleviate employee frustrations and security concerns.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD is a reality while we quickly shift to remote work as many organizations are unable to provide corporate devices to all users. Managing these devices is complicated without standardized configurations, guidelines, or mobile device management systems, we suggest using a tool like Microsoft End Point Manager for this.

Data Protection

Protecting corporate data outside of the network is a challenge even when employees are working within the walls of your office building. We can help ensure our corporate data is safe by implementing some information protection policies and labels to emails and documents.


Adapting to new ways to use productivity tools will help facilitate this transition for employees, managers and owners alike. Learning how to use Microsoft Teams internally for meetings and video calls is one way to keep your communication channels open and active.


If your organization requires assistance in any of these areas as part of your business continuity planning, please contact uswe have a team dedicated to respond to this immediate requirement. 


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