Online Service Delivery

Online service delivery is an effective way to build closer relationships with customers, partners, and the public while simultaneously cutting costs and reducing delays.

Increasingly, organizations across a number of sectors are offering external-facing online services. They are also looking for the best ways to overcome challenges presented by registering and managing external identities, providing secure authentication, and managing access rights.

Avaleris will address concerns and answer questions, such as:

  • How do we build an easy, scalable, and highly available user experience for our external users?
  • Can we push out self-service capabilities to external users?
  • How do we keep user data secure and ensure compliance with industry regulations?
  • What are the best ways to integrate with existing internal systems that are on premises?
  • How do we develop a system that grows with our changing needs?
  • Is it possible to have external users use accounts from third-party identity providers, like Gmail?
  • How do we manage access to corporate information if our users are using a third party identity?
  • Can we apply MFA to Azure Active Directory B2B and B2C users if they are accessing our systems?

Your Tailored Solution May Include:

  • External user identity management
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Integration with B2C and B2B portals
  • Integration with existing AD and other systems including Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Integration with back-end systems (either on premise or Cloud)
  • Workflows and automation
  • Scalability and provisioning

Microsoft Technologies

The technologies that form the basis of our online service delivery solutions include:

  • Azure Active Directory and Azure AD Connect
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Microsoft Azure AD B2C
  • Microsoft Azure AD B2B
  • Microsoft Identity Manager
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