Mobile Enterprise

A mobile enabled business model is a basic expectation of the modern employee and customer.

Enterprise mobility is a key tenet of Microsoft’s holistic vision for the Secure Productive Enterprise, empowering users to collaborate in powerful new ways and work any time on any device, while protecting sensitive corporate data. Embracing mobility in the organization opens up opportunities to improve business agility, to reach and communicate with customers in new ways, and to speed up business processes.

We employ our deep technical knowledge of identity and mobility to guide our clients in their enterprise mobility strategy and help design their device and application management.

Avaleris will address concerns and answer questions, such as:

  • How should our employees connect to our network in the most secure fashion when they are working remotely?
  • Are there any advantages to using OneDrive over shared network drives that use VPN?
  • How do I protect sensitive corporate data in the mobile workplace?
  • Can we make on-premises custom applications available for remote users?
  • What are the device and application management architecture best practices?
  • How do I protect data if a device is lost or stolen?
  • Should I implement Microsoft Intune on premises or in the Cloud? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • How do I ensure that the proper security policies are in place?
  • What policies should I put in place to allow for a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy?
  • How should I configure conditional access for my mobile users?
  • How can I integrate previously existing MDM into Intune?

Your Tailored Solution May Include:

  • Self-service device onboarding and remote wipe
  • Mobile application management
  • Organizational policy compliance on devices
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Optimized group and profile management
  • Workflows and automations
  • Security, conditional access, multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for wireless access

Microsoft Technologies

The technologies that form the basis of our enterprise mobility solutions include:

  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)
    • Microsoft Intune
    • Azure Active Directory Premium
      • Multi-Factor Authentication
      • Azure AD and Azure AD Connect
    • Active Directory Certificate Services
    • Windows 10 Remote Desktop
    • System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM)
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