IT security risk is one of the most serious types of risk faced by modern organizations in the public and private sectors. It is also the risk that is least understood.

Given that cybersecurity threats are continuously evolving and information security is increasingly complex, it can be challenging to manage IT security risks effectively.

IT security risk managers must find solutions that meet not only their security needs, but also their business and budgetary needs. At Avaleris, we work closely with our clients to evaluate the nature and likelihood of IT security risks, which are not always obvious. We help them decide what risks are unavoidable and which can be tolerated, and at what cost. We also ensure that the organization is compliant with regulations and will develop a well-structured risk management program.

To help mitigate IT security risk, Avaleris draws from years of IT security experience and our extensive knowledge of the security controls available today. We leverage our broad deployment experience and deep technical knowledge of Microsoft cloud identity and cybersecurity technologies to build a solution that will meet your needs on an ongoing basis.

Avaleris will address concerns and answer questions, such as:

  • We were recently audited. How do we mitigate the IT security risk that the audit uncovered?
  • What are our main areas of IT security risk? What are the consequences of this risk?
  • How do we design and implement a structured risk management program?
  • What risk control measures should we put in place for mobile devices?
  • Are we relying too much on software? What human controls or training should be considered?
  • If penetration testing or vulnerability scanning is done, will this affect the performance of my systems?

Your Tailored Solution May Include:

  • Assistance in implementing a compliance program
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Information sensitivity analysis and encryption policy development
  • IT security policy, standards, and procedures development
  • Design and implementation of a full risk management solution
  • Implementation of cybersecurity monitoring systems

Microsoft Technologies

The technologies that form the basis of our risk management solutions include:

  • Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), formerly FIM
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)
  • Microsoft Cloud Application Security (CAS)
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Azure AD Identity Protection
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)
  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Information Protection (RMS)
  • Azure Active Directory B2B and B2C
  • Microsoft Cloud Application Security (CAS)
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Active Directory and Azure AD
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