Embrace the Digital Transformation of Your Business

Avaleris implements an identity-first approach using tools that enable a strong security-by-design approach.

One of our fundamental guiding beliefs is to deliver our services in a highly responsive, well-managed, straight-forward and professional manner while bringing real business value to our clients.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Consulting & Advisory Services

True Digital Transformation requires a vision and a plan that protects your clients, partners and employees from cyber threats. Our experts develop strategies & roadmaps which consider identity and security first, to reduce the organization’s risk and minimize breaches while improving day to day operations.

  • Digital transformation strategies & roadmaps
  • Hybrid Identity & Cybersecurity Strategies
  • M365 and Teams strategies & roadmaps

Security Strategies & Assessments

A hardened security perimeter is built upon applying best practices and ensuring compliance with security standards. Our experts conduct Data Loss Prevention Strategies and Security Assessments on your specific applications or broad IT environment to detect and resolve gaps that weaken your defenses.

  • Data loss prevention strategies & roadmaps
  • IT security policies, standards & procedures
  • O365, application or corporate security assessments
Security Strategies and Assessments
Solution Design and Deployment

Solution Design & Deployment

Leveraging our deep Microsoft technical expertise and extensive deployment experience, Avaleris’ solution delivery is focused on the design and development of flexible and integrated solutions that deliver tangible business value, while taking full advantage of the Microsoft suite of technologies.

  • Architect and design integrated and flexible solutions
  • Configure solutions and conduct extensive testing
  • Production planning and deployments

Operationalization & Adoption and Change Management

Enabling organizations to transition to a new solution requires planning from the very beginning. Our experts ensure that upon solution introduction your IT and Security staff are well positioned and trained to support the new solution. End users are equally prepared for change by leveraging our proven communication and enablement tools designed to maximize adoption.

  • IT & Security training & knowledge transfer activities
  • Operationalize with build & operations guides, FAQs
  • Enablement tools to maximize adoption
Operationalization and Adoption and Change Management
Avaleris Managed Identity Services

Avaleris Managed Identity Services

Managed Services support the smooth day to day operation of your solution. Our team of experts provide coaching and direct support to your organization to resolve technical issues and challenges or to help continuously improve your solution by incorporating new value-added features and capabilities.

  • Helps ensure ongoing operational excellence
  • Enhances corporate security, productivity & agility
  • Leverage our unparalleled hybrid identity and cybersecurity expertise

Managed Security Services

As the consequences and frequency of cyberattacks continue to grow, our goal is to help our clients reduce their risk and manage the growing complexity of IT Security, allowing you to focus on modernizing and digitally transforming your business to better engage with your customers and ultimately compete more effectively.

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Managed Security Services
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