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What is the best way for employees to collaborate on corporate documents, work on sensitive files and access the proper information to stay on task and productive – while working from home?

There is no one size fits all for every organization and employee, however one thing remains the same no matter your industry, size, or location: corporate data needs to remain secure.

Files and e-mails contain sensitive information

Allowing users to send and share e-mails and files with internal and external users is an essential component of productivity and collaboration. Sharing this information over various serves and networks represents a security risk if that data falls into the wrong hands.
You can help improve the security of your corporate data by only providing links to files stored in OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams rather than sending attachments, but is this the best and most secure way of doing this? What if e-mails and files could only be accessed by the t people they are intended for by design? They can!

It’s  sensitive

Microsoft Information Protection solutions help you protect your data by encrypting files and e-mails and allowing only authorized users to decrypt them. This way, even if an attachment ends up in the wrong hands outside of the corporate network it cannot be accessed. This done using file classification. By having users classify all e-mails and files on a need-to-know basis you will be adopting a best practice approach to protecting corporate data. E-mails and files can be classified and labeled automatically or based on user input to determine the right level of sensitivity. In addition, file level permissions can be used to restrict actions such as read, edit, share, forward or print files and e-mails based on their classification.

Make file classification easy for your users

Automated classification and unified labels are very helpful features for enabling users to classify and protect data but requires some understanding from users to maximize security. How can you ensure your employees understand the importance of information protection? Avaleris offers adoption and change management solutions that can include e-mail templates, infographics, explainer videos and frequently asked questions to help your users understand and adapt quickly and easily.


Avaleris can help your organization to define data protection requirements, deploy Microsoft Information Protection solutions and provide the materials that your users need to embrace a new and
higher level of data security.


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