Avaleris Talks: The future of Microsoft Identity and Access Management & Governance

The resounding theme in the IT landscape today revolves around the journey to the cloud, with Tech Giants like Microsoft leading the charge.

What does this mean for organizations who want to take advantage of the cloud yet still need to support identity management for those on-premise applications, business processes and workflows that the cloud cannot yet support?

Join us as we discuss:


Microsoft’s current and planned state of Identity and Access Management and Governance, including Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)!

How Microsoft’s current investment in the cloud can influence your hybrid identity strategy, improve your governance posture and why this matters to you?

How to plan your identity and governance journey to improve your security posture by taking advantage of Microsoft’s holistic approach to identity management, governance and cybersecurity.


Register today and see how Avaleris and the Microsoft solutions can help your organization along your IAM and IGA journey by leveraging the tools you probably already own.

Teams Live Event
Tuesday August 25, 2020
1:00 PM EDT


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