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Identity is the new security perimeter in all of today’s business sectors, and Higher Education is no exception. With Higher Ed., we understand there is a unique combination of business challenges routed in identity and security that could threaten operational efficiencies.

For example:

  • Diverse groups of users,
  • High account turnover by year and semester,
  • Integration with industry specific applications.


Understanding and implementing an effective hybrid identity and access management solution, combined with advanced cyber security infrastructures, are the key to preventing security breaches and data leaks within your organization.
Join us for an important session where our experienced consultant will present the benefits of the Microsoft suite of products specific to your sector, and how they can provide a hybrid identity platform on which you can continue to grow your business.

Date: April 13, 2017
Time: 11:30 am EST
Kris Corkum and Nathan Letourneau

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