Managed Security Services

Has Your Organization's Move to the Cloud Left You Feeling Exposed?

As the consequences and frequency of cyberattacks continue to grow, our goal is to help our clients reduce their risk and manage the growing complexity of IT Security, allowing you to focus on modernizing and digitally transforming your business to better engage with your customers and ultimately compete more effectively.

When you choose Avaleris’ Managed Security Service, you can rest assured your firm has optimum threat protection 24/7, without worrying whether you need to upgrade your infrastructure or retrain your staff.

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Benefits of a Managed Security Service

Access to Qualified IT Security Specialists

  • Reallocate your security engineers to more strategic initiatives
  • Removes challenges of finding, hiring, training and retaining SecOps Analysts
  • Allows Analysts to focus on more strategic projects
  • Reduces on-premise infrastructure

IT Security Controls & Efficiencies

  • Improved efficiencies with fewer breaches
  • Cloud SIEM alleviates concern around performance, resilience and capacity
  • Reduces user account lockouts and minimizes breaches
  • Reduces false positives through automation

Optimized Security

  • Optimized security with greater visibility across your enterprise
  • Increased security with greater insights Protects against internal and external threats
  • Achieves corporate and regulatory compliance
  • Consolidates analysis and reporting

Avaleris Managed Security Service
Core Components

The Avaleris Managed Security Service

Our expert TEAM helps organizations mitigate all the rapidly increasing threats bad actors use to exploit your company and corporate data.

Security Monitoring & Threat Hunting

  • 24/7 cloud assets, devices and services monitoring
  • Identity & prioritize emerging threats & security incidents
  • Conduct analysis of security threats
  • Proactive threat hunting

Incident Response

  • Incident response & investigation
  • Impact and exposure analysis & escalation
  • Expert guidance to remediate threats
  • Post-mortem incident analysis

Auditing, Reporting & Security Assessments

  • Summary of monthly reporting activities
  • Report on security events, incidents, trends & patterns
  • Summary of recommendations & remediations
  • Vulnerability assessment / management

Customization & Enhancements

  • Periodic vulnerability scans and reviews of key info systems
  • Report on security events, incidents, trends & patterns
  • Custom dashboards & reports
  • Deployment of additional use case scenarios
  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Azure Defender for Servers
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Insider Risk Management
  • Director firewall & IDS integration
  • Select 3rd party security solutions
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