Avaleris always makes sure to understand your business and adopt your business objectives as our own—an approach that ensures our services and solutions overcome challenges, deliver exceptional value, and contribute to ongoing successes.

Leveraging our broad deployment experience and deep technical knowledge of Microsoft cloud identity and cybersecurity technologies, we have a proven track record of solutions that have met, and continue to meet, our clients’ needs.

End-to-End Professional Services

Our most important foundational values are rooted in creating client success. We have built our company around those core values and engrained that philosophy in how we deliver Professional Services.   We understand that to deliver an exceptional client experience you must adopt a Client Centric approach to service delivery.  The Avaleris Client Engagement (ACE) model is our end-to-end approach to Professional Services designed with Client success in mind.

ACE is focused on the development of flexible and agile business solutions that solve Client challenges while delivering substantial business value.   It embeds industry best practices and focuses on:

  • Engaging the best people early
  • Practical engagement management
  • Understanding business value
  • Flawless solution development and delivery
  • Comprehensive technical best practices
  • Enabling continued business value

Our clients’ successes are our successes. Here are some of the ways that we have helped our clients take full advantage of opportunities to evolve and enhance their businesses through the implementation of the latest Digital Transformation technologies:

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Oil & Gas and Energy

In the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, recent digital transformation trends, along with downward pressures on the industry, have driven the demand for more cloud technologies, less reliance on costly on-premises infrastructure, and more enterprise mobility. Paperless processes and instant access to information are becoming key to empowering workers and reducing costs. Having successfully completed a number of projects in these sectors, Avaleris has demonstrated its ability to overcome the challenges inherent in a “hostile IT environment”—particularly where much of the work is done outdoors in harsh conditions and with limited connectivity.

Government and Public Services

New digital technologies are transforming the way governments and public services interact with the general public. With more online services available to external users, our clients are calling on Avaleris to help build scalable solutions for identity and access management in support of these services. Whether they are transforming their internal or external-facing processes, our government and public services clients are successfully using identity, access, and security technologies to increase efficiency and protect their data from emerging security threats.


Traditionally, the education sector has been “IT-light” with limited resources and a high user-to-IT personnel ratio. More recently, schools, colleges, and universities have been embracing and adopting digital experiences, both in and out of the classroom. Unfortunately, this sector has also been a major target for ransomware attacks and security breaches. Avaleris continues to work closely with our education sector clients to expand and enhance their Digital Transformation opportunities while improving their security posture. We are also focused on decreasing the load on their IT departments and help desks by automating provisioning/de-provisioning and enabling self-service capabilities for end users.

Construction and Engineering

Avaleris helps construction and engineering companies embrace enterprise mobility opportunities by empowering their employees to access and exchange information from just about anywhere, including in harsh onsite environments. We also help construction and engineering organizations work together more effectively by developing easy, secure access solutions that facilitate document, group, and process sharing.


    In the retail sector, the ratio of users to IT personnel is very high. In addition, stores that hire seasonal or part-time workers will experience a high user turnover. The retail sector is also faced with the challenge of protecting customer financial data and PCI compliance. Avaleris has completed numerous identity, access, and security projects in the retail sector, helping our clients modernize their infrastructure, improve and enhance their business agility, empower store employees, and protect sensitive information.


      Avaleris works with leaders in the financial sector, helping them connect with customers where they want to be met—whether it’s in their home, their workplace, or a coffee shop. Mobile financial advisors, working in public places and during off-hours, require a robust, secure identity, access, and mobility solution that is optimized for one of the most heavily regulated industry. Avaleris has completed a number of projects to bring Digital Transformation to the financial sector, demonstrating the effectiveness of Microsoft technologies in integrating legacy and industry-specific systems while protecting and securing sensitive data in a mobile environment.


      As many healthcare processes and records become digitized, Avaleris has been leveraging Digital Transformation solutions and enterprise mobility technologies to protect sensitive medical and personal data. We are also helping our healthcare clients change their business model so that they have the option to travel to their patients. By developing solutions that allow for secure communications and data transfer in the field and among partnering healthcare providers, we are helping our healthcare clients improve their agility and enhance patient care.

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