Microsoft’s largest private and public sector clients turn to us for their identity, access, and security needs.

Leveraging our unparalleled experience, Avaleris is sharply focused on identity-driven security, identity and access, and enterprise mobility solutions to enable business transformation.

Avaleris is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Identity & Access, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity. Earning gold partner status demonstrates our proven expertise in delivering quality solutions in these specialized areas of business.
Microsoft’s Identity and Cybersecurity products are core to the solutions we implement to achieve success for our clients.
Previously, the principals of Avaleris were the founders of Alacris Inc, a software company, acquired by Microsoft and whose products now from part of Microsoft’s Identity Manager (MIM) suite.
As a result, Avaleris enjoys a very deep relationship with all areas of the Microsoft organization and is frequently called upon by Microsoft to assist both in presales activities and to implement its solutions, which it has now done in over 150 organizations in all sectors of the economy.

Microsoft is Avaleris’ core and principal partner.

Consistent with Satya Nadella’s announced philosophy of collaborating with other security vendors to ensure that Microsoft’s clients are provided the best and most complete solutions, Avaleris has concluded partnerships with other Vendors with whom Microsoft has already announced collaborations or partnerships in order to achieve Satya’s objective.

Microsoft + Sailpoint + Avaleris

The SailPoint and Microsoft collaboration, announced on Feb 10, 2017,will add identity governance capabilities, including access certifications, access requests, separation-of-duty policy, role management, and audit reporting, to Azure Active Directory’s unique access management and identity protection services. The combination of services will cover the compliance, enhanced security and identity management needs of modern organizations in demanding industries such as healthcare and financial services. In addition to governing access across today’s hybrid IT environment, this collaboration allows organizations to get the identity governance capabilities of SailPoint and the risk-based identity protection of Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility + Security to more platforms and applications on-premises and in the cloud.

Microsoft + Lookout + Avaleris

Microsoft and Lookout have partnered to enable organizations to securely embrace smartphones and tablets in the workplace. The integration combines Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Lookout provides visibility into the app, network, and device-based risks, and through our deep integration with Microsoft EMS, organizations can use that risk data to enforce conditional access on mobile devices.

Microsoft + Beyond Trust + Avaleris

BeyondTrust and Microsoft have partnered to protect and enable the secure adoption of Microsoft Azure with BeyondTrust’s privileged access management and vulnerability management solutions. BeyondTrust delivers its leading privileged access management and vulnerability management platform in the Azure Marketplace, performs Azure-based network perimeter vulnerability scanning and web application security assessments, secures the management of Azure administrator credentials, and scans for vulnerability, configuration, and asset data locally for Azure.

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