It’s time to think about your secure access strategy

Enabling employees to work from home starts with getting them signed into the tools they need to do their job effectively. Your organization’s IT leaders are tasked with making sure a users’ sign-in is a simple and straightforward process or else an overload of helpdesk tickets will slow everyone down.  This process must be simple and secure. Security leaders need to make sure that the user is, in fact, who they say they are so that attackers cannot gain access to the IT environment using a false identity.  A cloud-based access management solution built with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory can help your organization ensure that employees working from home can sign-in and get the job done by providing simple and secure access.

Simplify access with:
Single sign-on

Single sign-on allows users to sign-in once using their corporate e-mail account and access all the applications they need. Say goodbye to too many usernames and passwords!

Self-service password reset

Self Service password reset allows users to recover and reset their own password should they happen to forget it, reducing the number of manual password resets that must be done by the IT team.

Secure access with:
Multi-factor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication requires the user to prove their identity through a text message code sent to their mobile phone. For even more security consider more advanced techniques such as authenticator applications or by requesting biometric proofs using Windows Hello!

Conditional Access

Conditional Access policies restrict access to your IT environment based on conditions that you deem to be appropriate such as limiting access by geographic region or when suspicious activity such as impossible travel occurs.

Connect with Avaleris to discuss how your organization can benefit from the opportunity to simplify and secure access for your users and build the right Access Management solution to meets your needs. We have a team dedicated to respond to any immediate requests.
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