The latest and greatest features for Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C

In today’s digital world, your approach to the customer experience is just as important as ensuring the security of each customer’s activity and data.

That’s where Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) comes in—providing online business-to-consumer enterprises with highly personalized, secure and seamless solutions; and helping them build stronger customer relationships in the process.

Amid the pandemic, the CIAM market is booming: in fact, it’s projected to grow from USD$7.6 billion in 2020 to USD$15.3 billion by 2025.

While 2020 saw an explosion of CIAM products, Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory B2C continues to lead the way with its seamless, highly customizable consumer experience.

Staying ahead of the curve: our favorite new features

Given the added pressure that today’s businesses face regarding ensuring tighter security, Microsoft recently rolled out several new features—keeping Azure AD B2C on the cutting-edge of the CIAM ecosystem:

  • Conditional Access (CA). This is the biggest new addition to the suite, providing mature and straightforward functionality. From impossible travel and geofencing to AI-based risky sign-in detection, CA is a comprehensive tool based on outputs from the Microsoft Security Intelligence network. Every Azure AD B2C policy can be run through a CA check and the sign-in can be allowed, blocked or forced to go through an Azure MFA challenge.
  • Phone sign-up and sign-in. This new feature adds password-less authentication to the Azure AD B2C platform. Especially amid the pandemic, password-less has become a recent trend. With Azure AD B2C, a user can sign in using only a phone number and a One Time Passcode (OTP) sent via SMS or a phone call.
  • Protocol implementation. Improvements have been made to provide an additional security level to REST API calling. Specifically, there is now a way to call an external REST API, secured by OAuth 2.0 protocol.
  • Frontend-to-backend communication. Previously, Azure AD B2C user flows were linear and executed as a series of steps, with data validation performed by backend service only between the steps. New functionality adds the ability for data validation directly from the frontend User Interface (UI), by calling the backend service. This makes the user experience design far more streamlined than ever before.
How Avaleris can help you

As your go-to security partner, Avaleris is focused on Microsoft 365 for everything related to Identity, Cybersecurity and Mobility.

We have assisted many organizations with external access initiatives using either or both Azure AD and Azure AD B2C technologies, from strategy and architecture through to production deployment.

With our team of highly qualified consultants, Avaleris is available to help you identify or realize your security priorities and projects.

No two architectures are the same—and our architects and consultants are always happy to take on new challenges.

Got questions about Azure AD B2C? Want to chat about an upcoming project? Our Avaleris team would be delighted to sit down and discuss your priorities. Contact us today to set up a call to get you started!

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