Empowering employees to be productive without compromising security has become an immediate priority for organizations.

The many technologies that are available to help can be confusing but there are five key things that IT departments must get right and Microsoft 365 products can help you get them right in a simple and secure manner.

  1. Meeting and working together
    Enable people to meet and collaborate at home using Microsoft Teams for meetings, file-sharing and chat.
  2. Using the right tools for success
    Make Office 365 productivity applications available on any device and take advantage of integrated content management across SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.
  3. Connecting to your workspace
    Deliver the best virtual desktop experience with Windows Virtual Desktop in the cloud to ensure performance and scalability.
  4. Accessing files and applications
    Enable your users to access files and applications from anywhere with secure remote access to applications using Azure Active Directory which allows for Multi-Factor Authentication and Conditional Access to ensure the right people get in.
  5. Managing corporate and personal devices
    Secure managed and unmanaged devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) to deliver mobile device management and mobile application management capabilities to corporate or personal devices.


Getting these elements of your IT infrastructure right positions your organization and your employees for success by addressing the core needs for connecting and collaborating securely while working from home.

Avaleris can help your organization rapidly assess requirements and deploy secure solutions that ensure users can be collaborate at home.
We have a team dedicated to respond to any immediate requests. If your organization requires assistance in any of these areas as part of your business continuity planning, please contact us by phone at 1-844-996-9695 or online.

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