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Avaleris is all about getting the right people to join our team, even if we currently don’t have an open position. If you impressed us, we’ll train and mentor you on Microsoft’s leading-edge technology to help you grow and reach your full potential. This includes immersing you in challenging projects, introducing you to an impressive client base, and helping you build expertise in leading-edge Microsoft technology in the identity and access and security space.

At Avaleris, we recognize that the best kind of talent excels at not only adapting to change, but also at mobilizing knowledge and driving advancements. If you want to thrive in an agile, forward-thinking 21st century business environment, take a bold leap in your career and contact us today.

To build an outstanding, highly reputable company by providing services and solutions which enable our clients to take full advantage of the latest Digital Transformation technologies. Avaleris will continue to be recognized for its outstanding technical and domain expertise and, most importantly, its focus on achieving ongoing customer success.

To implement the most robust Security, Hybrid Identity and Access Management solutions and provide our clients the necessary cybersecurity infrastructure and platform on which to implement their Digital Transformation technologies.

Driven to Achieve Client Success:

Avaleris is committed to achieving client success by gaining a clear understanding of each client’s objectives and by delivering our services in a highly responsive, well managed, straightforward, and professional manner. We know that to build and strengthen client relationships, we need to deliver an exceptional customer experience on an ongoing basis. We consider all interactions with our clients to be events in the creation and building of a strong business relationship.

Driven to Employee Development:

Avaleris offers a motivating, progressive career path that challenges and inspires our employees to reach their full potential. We attract highly engaged and talented professionals who are passionate about demonstrating and advancing their business, technical, and creative skills. We retain our employees by providing full time opportunities, an excellent compensation and benefits package, fair and respectful HR policies, technical and professional training, and a people-focused company culture.

CORPORATE SUCCESS for Avaleris will result directly from its ongoing concentration on, and alignment with, its two fundamental corporate values; commitment to client success and employee development.


Avaleris consultants are given the opportunity to work one-on-one with major household names such as Loblaws, Scotiabank, and Air Canada. Quality work and commitment drive our employees to take ownership of their projects from start to finish. Together, our team is focused on working closely with our clients—which includes traveling to their location—to build trust and a lasting relationship.


Avaleris invests in employees by helping them achieve their career goals, encouraging training, and supporting them as they attain Microsoft certifications. Our employees also benefit from a thriving mentorship program—first as trainees and eventually as mentors. At Avaleris, our ability to attract and retain employees who share our goals and values is a major reason why our work environment prioritizes enthusiastic, supportive and engaging collaboration. The result: Avaleris has earned one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry and we’ll work hard to keep it that way.


Avaleris is a Gold Microsoft partner and a respected brand when it comes to our niche technology focus. To maintain our high standards for staying at the leading-edge of Microsoft technology advancements, we make sure that our consultants are the first to learn about innovations in the identity, mobility, and cybersecurity space, and also advancements in Microsoft products.


Avaleris is a thriving organization that is growing and building service excellence while maintaining its commitment to investing in employees. This means that we are continually learning. We value an open door policy, much as we are dedicated to inspiring ongoing contributions to our company’s success.


We want all our employees to enjoy their working environment, which is why we invested in a bright, modern work space with scenic views of Ottawa. Our office is located only steps away from Parliament Hill and various eateries and boutiques. Avaleris encourages a stable work-life balance that nurtures healthy ambitions, meaningful interactions, and satisfying experiences.

Working at Avaleris

“Working at Avaleris means working with the latest cutting-edge technologies. It is a very supportive and positive environment, where fellow co-workers go out of there way help each other out. I can say that my 5 years here have been the best of my career!”
Stanley Chan
Senior Consultant – Hybrid Identity and Cybersecurity
“It’s great to be a part of a strong and experienced team. Avaleris consultants keep up with the technologies as they mature. Collaborating with such a team makes for successful projects and is great for professional development too.”
David Upward
Practice Lead – Identity, Access & Governance
“The values and the potential of the company make the work environment challenging and enjoyable. Our office is not only a workplace; it is a place where we enjoy what we do.”
Claudia Navarro
Senior Consultant – Hybrid Identity and Cybersecurity
Nathan Letourneau Director, Business Development
“Everything about Avaleris spells ‘winning team’ to me! This is a true winning culture that I am proud to be a part of!”
Nathan Letourneau
Regional Sales Manager, Quebec and Eastern Canada
“My colleagues are some of the most accountable people I’ve ever had the chance to work with, and in Project Management this is critical because it is all about the TEAM. Our leadership goes out of their way to listen to everyone and focuses on great ideas rather than hierarchy – and most importantly follows through with action.”
Sam Raza
Senior Project Manager, Professional Services
“Avaleris represents a paragon of diversity, inclusion and excellence. Each consultant brings an ever-so-slightly different toolbox to the company and is encouraged to contribute their flavour to the company, rather than conform to a set majority. The result is a mixture of passion and unrivaled stewardship. The prospect of continuously succeeding at creating value for our clients is as enticing as delivering this value is fulfilling.”
Martin Schnob
Senior Consultant, Hybrid Identity and Cybersecurity

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