How do you know your users are who they say they are?

The information environment of the modern enterprise has dispersed, with applications in the cloud and employees working from home. Attackers have also adapted, and a new security model is needed to meet these challenges.

Organizations need a security model that embraces the modern workplace and protects employees and corporate assets, wherever they are located.

Zero Trust provides a new framework for thinking about security. The Zero Trust model assumes that all connections are untrusted until proven otherwise. With Zero Trust, every connection is authenticated and authorized before being permitted. Zero Trust assumes breach and limits impact of attacks that can gain a foothold in the network.

Implementing Zero Trust spans across Identity, Endpoints, Data, Applications, Infrastructure and Network and helps keep your organization safe from malicious attacks. Better safe than sorry!

In our next webinar, Avaleris will review the latest principles of the Zero Trust model and how your organization can use it to improve security without compromising productivity.

Join Avaleris as we discuss:

  • How to assess your organizations current state and how to improve your security posture
  • Increasing your compliance status through your journey to Zero Trust and,
  • Recommended ways to deploy key Microsoft technologies that will enable your journey to Zero Trust and improve your user experience when interacting with IT systems

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