Avaleris Identity-Driven Security Seminar

Learn about identity-driven security from a seasoned identity and mobility expert and Microsoft partner

Security is a major issue in today’s boardrooms with most IT teams mandated to address identity-driven security risks in the coming year.

We created this seminar to help organizations understand the Microsoft on-premises and cloud based security architecture and develop a roadmap towards stronger security that they can use to guide their decisions in protecting corporate identities and data.

Private and public sector organizations are invited to this free seminar series to train and educate their IT security groups on conducting a risk assessment, evaluating and prioritizing their security needs, keeping track of best practices and deployment considerations, and understanding the full spectrum of security solutions currently available or to be released shortly by Microsoft.

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What current and upcoming on-premises products and cloud based services make up Microsoft’s security architecture? What are their roles, capabilities, and strengths; and how do I use them as part of a security strategy?

Is my organization at risk – what are the fundamental threats I should be concerned with? How do I use Microsoft’s products to mitigate them? How do I determine business needs, functional requirements, and balance usability with organizational security?

What are some reference architectures to protect my organization’s information assets once they are resident in the cloud?

Wrap-up and questions.


With hundreds of successful projects completed, our team is the trusted advisor to some of Microsoft’s largest private and public sector clients. This seminar is developed and presented by senior consultants with unparalleled domain expertise in identity, mobility, and security:

Hugh Lindley, VP, IT Security & Emerging Technologies

Marc Mac Donell, CISSP, VP, Identity and Access Solutions

Sherif Messiha, CISSP, Senior Consultant and Practice Lead, Identity and Access Solutions


Please select a location to see the date of the seminar. If none of these options are convenient for you, please email us at info@avaleris.com. Our overview of Intune will include a review of different deployment options while we present sample architectures from business cases drawn from our consultants’ real world experience. Discover how you can use Intune to make your own in-house developed apps available to your employees on mobile, as opposed to using the pre-connected apps from Microsoft. We will explore Mobile Application Management through enterprise application deployment and other deployment considerations.

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