Have you ever worked for a business that just felt completely … right?

I’m talking about working for an experienced great group of people who believe in you, invest in you, and constantly motivate you. A Microsoft-centric company at the forefront of technology and innovation. A place where you feel you are part of a real team, where everyone is collaborative, open and welcoming. Where technical professionals consistently put their heads together to do amazing things for top-level enterprise clients.

Over the last five years, that’s been my lived experience at Avaleris.

Yes, I am the Director of Human Resources. And yes, it’s unlikely someone in my position would ever write a critical blog post about their employer! But I am genuinely proud to be an “Avalerian” and I am regularly inspired to sing the praises of being part of this team.

Here are a few things I personally enjoy the most about working at Avaleris:

Our impressive body of work. Avalerians work with some of the world’s largest enterprise-level clientele—many of them household names. We believe their continued trust in us reinforces just how good we are at what we do.

Rewarding work and bringing real value to clients. Our technical consultants have the opportunity to work on very large, complex and interesting customer projects. They provide real value to their clients and have a great sense of reward at the end of the day after working on challenging projects. This translates to a very positive and energized person on the home front. Someone who is able to round out their day with taking the kids to their activities, or going for a bike ride or run. This is our version of work/life blend.

Helping colleagues reach their professional milestones. Avaleris is committed to investing in your career development. We provide training and support and offer many opportunities to submerse yourself in our technologies of specialization. Avaleris is committed to and invests in the career development of employees. We fully fund technical certifications and provide the opportunity for the technical consultants to continue to expand on their breadth and depth of their technical skills and remain at the forefront of Microsoft Technologies. This by and large adds to their market value and the value they bring to Avaleris.

Providing stability. Avaleris has an experienced founding Executive team who really knows what they are doing. The have previously built organizations from the ground up. They are constantly looking at the internal /external factors of how Avaleris is positioned within the Identity and Cybersecurity market space and how we are positioned within Microsoft. The founding Executives have built a very agile and entrepreneurial environment that can easily adjust within our niche market space and align with Microsoft. I find this provides a lot of security.

Healthy and “Great Place to Work”. The other piece that really resonates with me, and I think would with others, is the commitment from Management to have a healthy and safe place to work. We have zero politics in our office. We are thorough with our hiring practices so that we bring the right people on board to work in a collaborative environment. This allows for a great environment to thrive in.

Our bright, modern office space in downtown Ottawa. I’ve certainly missed ushering people through our location during the pandemic, but we plan to return in due time. Meanwhile, we have a virtual office tour for now, if you’d like to check it out!

Sounds like a pretty nice place to work, doesn’t it? (Trust me, it is!)

Well, the good news is that Avaleris is always on the lookout for talented IT consultants—more specifically, experienced professionals specializing in Digital Transformation technologies including Security, Hybrid Identity and Access Management solutions.

Interviewing with Avaleris

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is meeting professionals in the field of IT and Security—incredibly bright and ambitious talent who wish to join the Avaleris team.

Any time I meet a new person, I’m sincerely interested in learning more about them. Here at Avaleris, we focus more on quality than quantity—so you can be assured I’m not rushing candidates in and out of the office back-to-back! Rather, you should know in advance that there was something specific about you that led me to think you might be a great fit for our team.

Traditionally, interviews can be formal and intimidating. But I prefer to approach our first meet as an exploratory conversation—openly sharing information and answering questions about Avaleris, our social and corporate culture, the services we provide, and what a day-in-the-life might look like for you if you work here. This is an opportunity to be mutually transparent about what we are both looking for, so I make every effort to ensure you feel comfortable being yourself.

Words from a new employee

Hopefully I’ve convinced you by now that Avaleris is an amazing place to work. But don’t just take my word for it! To round out this blog, I asked one of our newest employees to write down a few thoughts about his first few months at Avaleris. Here is what he had to say about:

Our hiring process: “All aspects of the company culture and the day to day discussed during the hiring process remained consistent well into working in role. There were no surprises, and everything was very transparent. This proves that the company’s core values and objectives are not just words on paper but rather guiding principles.”

Our culture: “Avalerians are driven and go the extra mile. The company culture motivates employees to give their full effort to their role and invest in the company’s future. Individuals see value in their work and are eager to do well in their roles but mostly to see their coworkers succeed. It’s clear that Avaleris invests in their employees as this is what sets them apart in their market.”

Our work: “Avaleris is not just another professional services company—they take pride in their work and invest in their employee’s development. They are clear leaders in their space, showcased by their incredible portfolio of partners and clients. Working at Avaleris promotes professionalism, a fun modern culture, and the ability to grow your brand in a stable, cohesive environment.”

Interested in joining the Avaleris team?

If you want to thrive in an agile, forward-thinking 21st century business environment, take a bold leap in your career and reach out! Connect with me directly on LinkedIn and let’s start a conversation.

You can also learn more about our vision, mission and corporate values online, and see new opportunities on our Careers page. Don’t see an open position that quite suits your expertise? Let’s talk anyway. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lysanne Sacoutis
Director of Human Resources

Avaleris focuses exclusively on hybrid identity, enterprise mobility, and cloud security, enabling businesses to improve their agility and security while enabling employee productivity and collaboration.

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