How to strengthen your security with passwordless authentication

Up until recently, a data breach of a few million people was considered major news.

Now, we’re seeing hackers leaking troves of passwords onto the Internet—affecting hundreds of millions, even billions, of people—practically every day.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that relying solely on passwords to authenticate users is just too risky. Rather than providing a layer of protection, passwords increasingly represent a weak link across organizations where security is concerned.

In response, Microsoft is driving towards a passwordless future—adding technologies to Windows 10 and the web to enable users to authenticate securely and get on with their work.

All without relying on passwords.

Here is a quick overview of three of Microsoft’s passwordless authentication technology offerings:

Windows Hello for Business

This multi-factor authentication technology is built into Windows 10 PCs. In conjunction with Azure Active Directory and Active Directory, customers sign on once to Windows 10 using a PIN or with biometrics (a fingerprint or facial recognition).

This sign-in meets the requirements for multi-factor authentication (MFA)—so users won’t be prompted for a code or need to respond to a notification.

Microsoft Authenticator for Mobile

This is a great option for users to sign onto mobile apps or browser apps. When a user chooses to use this option to sign in, they respond to a notification on their registered mobile device—and are authenticated without the need to type a password.

Security Keys

Also known as FIDO2 keys, Security Keys provide an industry-standard solution for passwordless authentication that works for sign-in to Windows 10, mobile applications and web applications.

Get ready for a passwordless future

All of the technologies above allow a user to complete authentication without sending a password over the network. Meaning there’s no password to steal!

But not only that: in addition to minimizing cyberattack risks, passwordless authentication also provides your employees with a simpler, more convenient way to quickly get started on tasks.

After all, once your users are set up with passwordless authentication, they don’t need to worry about remembering or typing passwords on their PCs or on web apps that have Azure AD single sign-on enabled.

Consider the ripple effect of not having to reset passwords or mitigating phishing attacks—and the impact on productivity as well as the bottom line.

The future is passwordless—and Avaleris can help you get on board. Talk to us about how Windows Hello for Business can help strengthen productivity, enhance security, and bring even more business benefits to your enterprise.

Rob Macfarlane
Solution Architect, Hybrid Identity and CyberSecurity

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