3 Reasons Why Enterprises Need Managed Identity Services

Knowledge and control of who has access to systems, data and applications both inside and outside the organization – this is identity and access management at its core.

Enterprise mobility, cloud applications, IoT devices, and new technology advancements have shifted the traditional security perimeter to outside the office walls. Today, identity is the new security perimeter and users are the new intended target.

This makes identity and access management critical. In fact, identity and identity-driven security must become the cornerstone of an organization’s security infrastructure.

However, establishing effective identity-driven security is not that simple. An Aberdeen study found that the operational context for managing identities and access is significantly more complex, requiring time, expertise, and focus that many organizations do not have.

From the assortment of devices, networks, and applications that need to be supported to the growing quantity and diversity of users that must be managed, identity and access management can be overwhelming.

It’s a daunting task when IT departments are just keeping their heads above water, looking after their IT environment and monitoring all other security response systems.

This is where Managed Identity Services can make all the difference.

Top 3 Reasons Why Enterprises Need Managed Identity Services

The following describes why enterprises need managed identity services:

  1. Managed Services is the simplest way to address IT staffing issues and turnover.

Enterprise customers identified staffing as the number one challenge they face during the implementation and management of identity systems. Often, these organizations experience constant turnover of IT staff that leave the business with limited visibility or understanding of their identity and security infrastructure, processes, and policies. Ultimately, the organization is left vulnerable to security threats.

As a result, remaining staff are not equipped to handle the identity system on top of already complex IT environments. Outsourcing identity management to a partner with specialized staff who have deep technical expertise in identity and access will deliver peace of mind. Managed Identity Services means the identity system is set-up, configured and monitored to ensure that the organization is well positioned to address any problems that might occur.

  1. IT can spend more time on other high-value IT projects.

On top of retaining IT staff with specialized skills in identity and access management, monitoring and remediating so many systems and dashboards is time consuming. This provides little time for IT to focus on more strategic priorities and high-value IT projects.

By choosing Managed Identity Services, enterprises free up IT staff from the identity management tasks, who can then focus on accelerating innovation and transformation.

  1. Enterprises will remain current with identity and security technologies.

It’s hard to remain current when your IT department is stretched too thin. However, keeping identity and access management technology up-to-date is important in order for an organization get the most out their technology investment.

With Managed Identity Services, a managed services partner will take on this role to ensure the identity systems remain current, and will proactively assess new features and capabilities as they become available that could impact or benefit an organization.

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