Managed Identity Services

With identity and identity driven security becoming a cornerstone of organizational IT, it can be difficult and expensive to hire and retain full time employees with the specialized skills and experience required to secure your organization.

As digital transformation becomes reality, there is immense pressure on IT professionals managing identity, access, and security to remain current with both industry trends and rapidly evolving technologies.

Identity as a Managed Service

Our services are delivered by a team of talented consultants with unmatched technical expertise, deep industry knowledge, and a proven commitment to client success. By entrusting your ongoing identity management to us, your team will gain an experienced ally who will ensure that your infrastructure, ongoing management, and cybersecurity is always at the highest standard.

In this subscription-based service, our consultants will:

  • Identify opportunities for business transformation and help build a digital transformation vision
  • Formulate a detailed hybrid identity, access, and security plan to help achieve the business and digital transformation objectives of your organization
  • Regularly review identity and security needs, enabling your management team to spend more time on digital transformation goals
  • Regularly review identity-driven security, compliance, and data loss prevention needs
  • Remove identity and security roadblocks to new organizational initiatives while supporting the digital transformation strategy
  • Reduce ongoing administrative burdens on your team by configuring, updating, and adding new capabilities as required
  • Manage the day-to-day identity and access needs of users
  • Monitor performance and make improvements to maximize technology ROI
  • Evaluate the extent to which the implementation of new technologies will improve your business
  • Ensure critical identity management functions are operational and up-to-date through Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring 24/7/365

Avaleris welcomes the opportunity to design and deliver the appropriate solutions for you.

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