Identity Management

Reliable Identity Management

Avaleris can help you integrate, seamlessly and securely, efficient and cost-effective Microsoft solutions for identity management.

How is your data being shared and with whom? Are they employees, contractors, clients or customers? No matter how well-prepared you are for planned workforce changes, such as new employees or promotions, how quickly can you respond to unexpected circumstances such as sudden departures, threats, security breaches and legal challenges?

When identity management is not automated, controlling access and enforcing corporate policy can become time-consuming, inefficient and costly: the need for ongoing manual interventions continually burdens help desks and management, causes delays, increases the possibility of human error, and escalates organizational risks.

SIMPLIFY— User Onboarding and Off-Boarding

If glitches or delays occur while integrating newly-hired employees with the tools and access they need, this could negatively impact first impressions about the company, job satisfaction and word-of-mouth reputation, not to mention costs associated with lost productivity. Just as importantly, transitioning employees out of the workforce also needs to be managed as quickly and efficiently as possible—particularly when company assets, business-critical systems, and private, sensitive information are at stake.

Avaleris solutions can leverage Microsoft technologies designed to facilitate employee onboarding and off-boarding:

  • integrate existing employee systems such as Active Directory and HRMS with out-of-the-box simplicity
  • enable workflow capabilities across all departments
  • easily configure business logic and approval workflows
  • automate audit trails to help verify compliance and facilitate reporting
  • conduct the onboarding process in reverse by automatically revoking all accounts, access rights, permissions and assigned assets

EMPOWER—Self-Service Password Reset

Help desks are busy enough without needing to be interrupted with ongoing requests to assist users with resetting their passwords.  Why not automate the process and make users part of the solution?

Avaleris solutions can leverage Microsoft technologies designed to:

  • empower users with the ability to change and reset their own passwords and smart card PINs from the Windows desktop login
  • provide IT with configurable question and answer authentication gates and other tools to manage identities through a SharePoint-based workflow and policy management console
  • provide developers with access to extensibility features through .NET and Windows SharePoint Services—for example, a smart card gate or a gate that requires a user to enter a code sent to a mobile phone
  • simplify the enrollment process for authentication gates by configuring them to ensure all users in an organization register at login
  • permit web-based Internet access for self-service password reset capabilities

OPTIMIZE—Group and Profile Management

Managing and updating identity information accurately, securely and efficiently is a critical requirement.  Did you know that there are out-of-the-box, self-service solutions that can reduce learning curves and training needs, increase end user productivity, free up IT from repetitive tasks, and enable better security and compliance outcomes?

Avaleris solutions can leverage Microsoft technologies designed to:

  • enable users to manage and update their own identity information
  • allow IT to set policies and require workflows such as approvals for, or notifications of, user-generated changes to their profiles
  • allow self-service group and distribution list management through a web portal
  • enable end users to manage their group membership requests using the collaboration tools they are already familiar with (e.g. Outlook)
  • allow end users to create distribution lists for new virtual teams and manage requests made by others to join a distribution list
  • request membership in a group or manage approvals even while users are off-line
  • facilitate dynamic group membership by automating additions or removals and reducing the manual interaction required to effectively protect resources

SHARE—External User Management

Organizations that want to share sensitive information or services with external users face many security and operational challenges. There are a variety of external user access scenarios to consider, and the configurations that are available within the Microsoft technology stack to address such requirements can be complex.

In particular, extending SharePoint extranet sites to external users is a common need—one that requires a security strategy, increases user management and support challenges, and may involve risks regarding the trustworthiness of external identity providers and authentication mechanisms. There is a strong need for identity management when publishing content or services to external users.

To address these and other challenges and risks, Avaleris can work with organizations to:

  • develop a holistic, external user management strategy that can dovetail with their strategy for identity management of their internal user community
  • provide consulting, systems integration and IT services to securely extend content and services to external users
  • provide in-depth technical expertise to develop and integrate solutions utilizing Microsoft products and technologies such as Forefront Identity Manager (FIM), Unified Access Gateway (UAG), Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), SharePoint 2010, claims-based authentication and authorization, certificate services and management, and Windows 2012 Web Application Proxy
  • design, develop and integrate an external user registration management component
  • establish an operationally efficient user management infrastructure that delivers a security-compliant and seamless user experience.

CONTROL—Directory Services

Keeping control of your Active Directory (AD) is not an easy task. We can help you to re-gain control of your AD and recover the secure, agile infrastructure your enterprise needs.

Our directory services solutions are Microsoft based. Working with Windows Server Active Directory,  Windows Azure Active Directory and AD Federation Services, we can help you to define your Active Directory requirements (i.e. what you need Active Directory to do), and configure it either on-premise, in a Hybrid IT environment, or 100% in the cloud in order to meet your broad Identity and Access challenges.

Our expert consultants can help you:

  • create an effective identity foundation that reduces management costs
  • provide a single view of all user information
  • use AD as a primary source for audit data to improve compliance
  • automate AD provisioning utilizing Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager

SECURE—Online Service Delivery

How can you make sure your online service delivery project is secure? How effective is your front-end registration and account management system?  Are you able to handle common online service delivery functions such as user registration and account creation, profile and account management, and the registration of credentials from third party Identity Providers?

Avaleris solutions can leverage Microsoft technologies designed to:

  • automate core identity management functions such as registering users, creating accounts and sending notifications to users
  • authenticate users and present credentials to compliant online service applications
  • vertically scale some components of the architecture
  • integrate with the back-end systems that support online service
  • authenticate with third party credential providers such as financial institutions, secure key, Facebook and Google

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