company_clientsClient success propels our business forward. Avaleris partners with its clients to achieve successful delivery of Identity, Access & Security projects. We continue to expand our impressive client list in the United States and Canada and welcome the opportunity to do business with your organization.

  • As Microsoft solutions specialists, we have the experience and expertise to deliver world-class consulting, IT security services in support of even the most unique, complex and challenging Identity and Access Management initiatives, making us a leading IT Solutions company for our clients in the United States and Canada.
  • Our clients trust us as a Microsoft Gold Partner with a proven record of having performed over 80% of the Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) implementations in Canada—and that’s just one technology. Avaleris continually enhances and expands our service offerings to remain on the leading edge of technology and integrate the latest Microsoft Identity and Access Management solutions.

Sectors We Service

As we continue to work closely with Microsoft and other global partners to enhance and develop our services throughout North America, we continue to build client relationships in the Education, Financial Services, Health Care, Oil and Gas, and Government sectors—with ongoing expansion into new and emerging sectors.

Secure Access, Identity Management and IT Services for the Healthcare Sector.
Healthcare represents some of the most difficult and interesting challenges associated with identity management and secure access. This includes helping hospitals and healthcare providers wishing to implement secure access to applications, resources, and patient data to external users while not introducing significant complexity or time delays for physicians and nurses in performing their duties. The need to maintain compliance regarding the access and sharing of Private Health Information (PHI) is top-of-mind, and Identity Management and Secure Access solutions are bedrock elements of a strong compliance and information security posture. The clinical environment also commonly includes requirements for roaming desktop features and potentially the convergence of logical and physical access badges. Avaleris has worked with a variety of health organizations to implement Identity Management, Secure Access, and strong authentication solutions that enable as well as protect.
Strong Authentication and Identity Management for the Energy Sector.
The Energy sector is geographically diverse and tends to have wide ranging intellectual property concerns. As a result, the Energy market has been a significant adopter of strong authentication technology. However, there are still many opportunities to improve the existing deployments including cost savings from better integration with enterprise identity management strategies and technology. The implementation of strong authentication can provide energy companies with many benefits and it should typically be implemented in a series of well managed phases. Avaleris has specific experience helping large energy companies in North America and Europe to deploy and maintain strong authentication and identity management solutions. Avaleris provides service expertise that is based on an intimate understanding of Microsoft identity technologies including Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager, Active Directory, and Certificate Services, and Avaleris has extensive experience working with a range of leading smart card and token device products.
Identity Management, Advanced Authentication and Secure Access for Police & Law Enforcement.
Law enforcement has some of the most stringent identity management requirements. Police departments and other law enforcement agencies must ensure individuals are who they claim to be when conducting transactions requiring a high level of confidence and trust. Quite often strong authentication solutions are the highest priority requirement for access security to information resources and physical locations. Avaleris has deep expertise in advanced authentication solutions, identity management, and secure access technologies, and has worked with law enforcement agencies to support their identity assurance, identity management, and secure access initiatives.
Identity Management and Access Management Solutions for Schools, Colleges and Universities.
Education is an area that greatly benefits from Identity Management and Secure Access solutions. Due to large user populations having a high rate of change, there is a significant administration burden regarding management of student identities. In addition to operational efficiencies, clients in the Educational sector typically focus on providing identity management services to students and faculty in order to provide secure access to campus resources. Furthermore, the education community is unique relative to typical enterprise scenarios where the environment may be far more homogeneous than in an educational environment. This presents new challenges for a cohesive identity management architecture and long-term plan. Avaleris has rich experience in providing guidance and expertise in the education market to help schools and colleges make the right decisions and achieve success in meeting their identity & access requirements.
Identity Management and Secure Access for Governments.
Identity in government can cover a wide range of scenarios from internal departmental deployments to citizen-facing identity projects. Identity-related projects are relevant at all levels of government. The Avaleris team has worked with the US Government, Government of Canada, and the UK Government in a variety of Identity Management projects and initiatives. Avaleris has also supported shared service initiatives – assisting with identity management and secure access architecture designs and implementations. Avaleris’ experience with US Government initiatives is around Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) which is focused on providing a smart card to every government worker and contractor. This initiative has produced standards such as FIPS-201 that will play a key role in these large scale deployments. Avaleris has established positive client relationships with many city, county, state/provincial, and federal level departments and agencies.
Identity Management, Digital Certificates and Smart Cards for Banks, Financial Services & Insurance Companies.
The Financial Services and Insurances industries have a wide range of requirements for identity management which include securing their employees as well as securing the transactions of the corporate and consumer customers. These requirements can have very different solutions. For example, a good identity solution for secure corporate applications such as Cash Management or Claims Management is likely to be very different from a solution that might be focused on consumer identity. This, in turn, is likely to be quite different from an internal bank solution. Ultimately, being able to integrate these separate systems to improve identity management efficiencies is important for the long-term roadmap of the enterprise architecture. Avaleris understands the regulatory climate that Financial Services and Insurance companies operate in and the rigorous identity management and secure access requirements that result from the various regulations. Avaleris has worked with many financial and insurance clients to help develop new business offerings around identity services and also deploy more secure technologies such as digital certificates and smart cards internally to meet compliance requirements.

Case Studies

Whether it’s Identity Management, Strong Authentication, Cloud Computing Services, Information Protection or IT Security Consulting, Avaleris has experts on hand to recommend the very best Microsoft technologies and integration services to meet your needs. Here are some recent success stories featuring clients whose unique and complex Identity and Access Management challenges were resolved by Avaleris professionals.

Microsoft Identity & Security in Financial Services
Avaleris helps Universitas to architect and deploy a Secure Access solution

Halton District School Board
Avaleris helps the Halton District School Board with its design and implementation of FIM and UAG

UK Ministry of Defense
Avaleris and Microsoft partnered to deliver key management and secure access to the U.K. Ministry of Defense (MOD)

External User Infrastructure and Secure Access to Online Health
Avaleris helps design and deliver external user management infrastructure

Microsoft Secure Access Infrastructure in Health
Avaleris helps deliver secure remote access to sensitive information for 7,500 remote physicians


We value our client relationships and feel honoured when testimonials and referrals come our way. All feedback is appreciated as we continue to enhance our services—but great feedback is a testament to our ongoing pursuit of leading-edge Microsoft-based solutions, a highly-engaged and reliable team of experts, and service quality that generates an exceptional customer experience.

“At the Halton District School Board we had a pressing need to replace a legacy identity management system, and in moving to Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) we gained significant operational efficiencies managing our 60,000 accounts and dramatically reduced the manual processes involved at the start of each new semester. Avaleris also worked with us to POC and implement Forefront Unified Access Gateway, which we use to provide remote access to applications and file shares for our students and faculty. We selected Avaleris, as the Microsoft Partner, for their professionalism and expertise with FIM and UAG, particularly in the Education sector. Avaleris provided us great customer service in deploying and customizing FIM and UAG to meet our specific needs and continue to provide excellent support today.”

Bruce Smith, P. Eng., Chief Information Officer, Halton District School Board

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